Ali Hujveri

data ali hajveri

Name: Shaykh ʿAlī al-Hujwīrī (ابوالحسن علی بن عثمان الجلابی الھجویری الغزنوی)
Born: December 1009, Ghazni, Afghanistan
Resting place: Lahore
Died: 1077, Lahore
Tradition or genre: Sunni Islam; (Jurisprudence: Hanafi)

Ali Hujveri

Ali Hajveri was born in December 1009 in Ghazni (Afghanistan).Your family resided in Jalalab and hujveri, two palaces in Ghazni. That is why you are called hujveri.Your kunyah Abul-Hassan, Nam Ali, has the title Data Ganj Bakhsh and the Spiritual Chain junaidi.It is said that Hazrat khwaja garib nawaz stayed for a while at the shrine of Dātā Ganj Bakhsh to seek spiritual feasts.Time off, he said.

گنج بخش فیض عالم مظہر نور خدا
ناقصاں را پیر کامل , کاملاں را راہنما

Then people started calling you Ganj Bakhsh.You often died on 20 Safar al-Zafar 465 Hijri near historians. Your magnificent shrine is the center of prayer acceptance in Lahore.He started preaching Islam in Lahore at the Order of his follower Hazrat Syedna Abul Fazal Bin Hassan Khutli (RA).The road from Ghazni to Lahore was difficult at that time.But for the sake of Islam, for the sake of Islam, you accepted this hard work and traveled to Lahore on 431 Hijri, crossing a very difficult river and mountain.For the promotion of religion you first laid the foundation stone of a musjid here and started teaching to spread the light of knowledge.You teach the Quran and Hadees day and night and solve everyday problems of the people.Influenced by your good manners, nobility and sincerity, people started to become right-wing Islamists.Similarly, thanks to your prayers and advice, Rai Raju, the deputy ruler of Lahore, also became a Muslim.You write about 9 books. Including masterpieces like the Kashf ul Mahjoob. Guides to the Living World serve as an unmatched guide for aspiring seekers.For many years, the preaching of Datta Ali Hajwari (RA) led to the conclusion that Islam, a city submerged in the darkness of Kufr-o-shirk, became Fortress Islam.Thousands of ignorant people became irrigated with the wealth of knowledge, Misguided people came to the right path, the foolish people found the wealth of intellect and the poor in spirituality became perfect.From a distant time, the scholars used to come to the courtyard of Datta Ali Hajwari.The spirit of Datta Sahib's spirituality continues to be forgotten with the whole world today and will continue to grow.

Kashf al-mahjub

Kashf al-mahjub is a very famous book of mysticism. This book was written in Persian and was later translated.There are 39 chapters in it.In addition to Sufism The lives of the Companions were also mentioned.It has been written in detail about the Ahl al-Bayt (RA), the Companions(RA), the Tabain, the Taba-o-Tabain, he Sufiya-e-Matakhrin, the scholar's, the various schools and the various etiquette.This book is still in its original state and is a very useful book for people who love knowledge.

Urs Data Ali Hajveri (Hazarat Data Ganj Bukhsh)

The shrine of Datta Ali Hajwari is given bath every year on 9 Muharram al-Haram.The shrine has been bathed with 40 mun roses. The Urs of Datta Ali Hajwari is celebrated every year from 18 to 20 Muharram al-HaramHolidays are usually held in Lahore during UrsPeople from far away come to see Urs.

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